NPI water tanks at state-of-the-art Horti Innovation Center in Beijing

Promoting high-quality and sustainable development of the horticultural industry

Since the beginning of this year, our water storage solutions are exposed in the Horti Innovation Center at Beijing. This demonstration park serves as an exchange platform for the horticulture industry. Internationally renowned companies and horticultural research institutions work together in the center, showcasing the latest innovations, technologies and results of scientific research.

The center includes several functional areas: a flower demonstration area, an agricultural science and technology info exchange area, an AI flower factory laboratory, a horticulture exhibition area and info exchange areas. Demonstrating processes as automation in horticulture, vertical farming and fertilization.

NPI water tanks at Horti Innvation Center in Beijing

The Horti Innovation Center also aims to provide a communication platform for these companies and help them enter the Chinese market and bring more potential customers. The Chinese horticultural sector shows a huge potential, but foreign companies often face challenges such as the lack of customers and ignorance of local policies. The Innovation Center provides these companies with localized information and help them expand the Chinese market.

Since the establishment of the park, it has already welcomed thousands of visitors. Including horticultural professionals, local investors, influential media in China, international delegations, governments, heads of state and leading politicians.

Obviously, irrigation is unmissable in this concept and our water storage solutions fit perfectly in this high-tech and sustainable demonstration park. Several NPI water tanks were installed in the center and in the exhibition area a booth is installed with more information about our water storage solutions.